About Community Care Collaborative (CCC)

The CCC is an accountable care organization owned and operated by Redeemer Health. Together with Redeemer Health along with it's associated primary care clinical network: the Innovative Wellness Alliance (IWA) as well as other participating primary care practices share a common mission to deliver community-based care through an aligned approach. The CCC provides collaboration with specialists as needed and community resources for wellness; empower community and hospital based physicians to coordinate care; enhance clinical integration; improve patient quality; improve the patient experience and patient satisfaction; reduce costs, and potentially derive savings to be shared among the provider participants.

The clinically-integrated physician networks is directly responsible for coordinating and delivering quality healthcare. The Innovative Wellness Alliance, a primary care network aligned with Redeemer Health, coordinates care for more than 23,000 patients in the region through the Medicare Shared Savings Program.

The numbers of covered patient lives will continue to grow, as participating practices enroll and as Medicare beneficiaries choose CCC physicians as their primary care physicians.

Redeemer Health is a community-based, integrated health care delivery, social service delivery, and financing system sponsored by Redeemer Ministries. In a caring and compassionate manner, we create innovative programs and services to enable people to live their lives to the fullest. Through our all-encompassing Health Care, Home Care, and Life Care Services, we are here for our community through every stage of life to provide care that knows no bounds.

Since 2017, the CCC has saved Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS, $68.4 million through more efficient care delivery while improving quality as measured by CMS throughout the CCC’s history. In addition, the CCC staff and CIN management have assisted practices with enhanced workflows, rich quality data, and identifying areas to improve performance to enhance patient experience.


As a collaborative of clinically-integrated healthcare providers focused on quality and efficiency in partnership with our communities, we collectively improve the health of individuals and populations by ensuring quality, access and efficiency, using data-driven, patient-centered models of care.


To be the premier regional provider collaborative, which measurably improves the health of attributed populations, thereby producing uniquely high value to our providers, payors and community partners.

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