About Community Care Collaborative (CCC)

The CCC is an accountable care organization formed by Doylestown Health, Holy Redeemer Health System and their associated clinical networks: Doylestown Healthcare Partnership (DHP) and Innovative Wellness Alliance (IWA). Brought together by a common mission to deliver community-based care through an aligned approach with their medical staffs, clinically-integrated networks and community resources, these partners have established the CCC to strengthen community relationships for wellness; empower community and hospital physicians to coordinate care; enhance clinical integration; improve the patient experience and patient satisfaction; reduce costs, and potentially derive savings to be shared among the providers and institutions.

The CCC is an umbrella organization for both physician networks, known as "clinically integrated networks" or CINs, to coordinate contract negotiations and provide infrastructure and data analytics to facilitate the use of best practices in care delivery.

The clinically-integrated physician networks of both health systems are directly responsible for coordinating and delivering quality healthcare. Doylestown Healthcare Partnership, consisting of primary care and specialist physicians, and the Innovative Wellness Alliance, a primary care network aligned with Holy Redeemer, will coordinate care for more than 30,000 patients in the region through the Medicare Shared Savings Program and over 20,000 commercial beneficiaries.

The numbers of covered patient lives will continue to grow, as additional contracts with other commercial payors are signed.

Two non-profit community health systems, both with long histories and both founded by women, are in the vanguard of a new era of healthcare delivery with the creation of the Community Care Collaborative of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, LLC (CCC).

Doylestown Hospital was founded in 1923 by the Village Improvement Association of Doylestown, a women's organization dedicated to improving the health and beauty of the town beginning in 1895. The VIA established a home health service before opening the first hospital.

Similarly, Holy Redeemer Hospital was founded in 1959 by the Sisters of the Holy Redeemer. The order was founded in 1849 in Germany, arrived in the region in 1924 and focused efforts on home health and a community for seniors.

Shared histories combined with stellar reputations in the community and an evolving marketplace that places greater emphasis on value, not volume, preceded the creation of the CCC and guides its strategy for the future.


As a collaborative of clinically-integrated healthcare providers focused on quality and efficiency in partnership with our communities, we collectively improve the health of individuals and populations by ensuring quality, access and efficiency, using data-driven, patient-centered models of care.


To be the premier regional provider collaborative, which measurably improves the health of attributed populations, thereby producing uniquely high value to our providers, payors and community partners.

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